Caroline tries to take Richard’s advice and not get in the middle of Alex and Melissa’s marital problems but seeing her friend heartbroken is hard to watch. Melissa takes off to the Great Smokey Mountains, to put some space between her and her husband and takes Caroline along with her to relax and enjoy the beauty of Gatlinburg. While there enjoying the scenery and shopping, these two best friends find themselves in an experience of a lifetime that they may not live to tell, and Richard fears he will never see his beloved Caroline again.

Maddie is certain Ethan Price is a forever closed chapter in her life, but a phone call reveals otherwise. Struggling with the embarrassment of their relationship she finds it hard to believe this is the same man she at one time found so attractive. She fights to keep the past where it belongs and away from her promising future. But like a cat Ethan always lands on his feet; with his closet friend refusing to bail him out of another sticky situation, Ethan fears this time he may have gone too far.

Once again, he reaches out to Maddie hoping their past can change his future, but she is fearful of his intentions.

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