Sitting at her husband’s gravesite, Joyce McIntosh’s world has been turned upside down. Will she ever be able to make it on her own? Joyce must learn a new way of life; one she and her five children won’t find enjoyable.

Through the struggles of life, Joyce learns she must pull herself together and support her family. Trying to keep everything as normal as possible for the children, she learns the hard way that her church friends aren’t what they once appeared. Or was she looking at them through an easy life’s eye?

The Rancher

Being a ranch hand on the Southern Star Ranch in Garland, Texas since his teen years, Luke Wilmont finds himself wanting a home of his own. But will his life and home be filled with the one and only woman he has ever loved? Will she come home to Garland to stay? Or does God have plans for her life in a much bigger city far from Luke and Garland?

Luke finds himself wrapped in a whirlwind of emotions and learning what patience is all about. Will this woman whom he has loved for years return his love, and if so, how can their love survive the many miles between them?

Where My Heart Lies

Joyce Miller finds herself, once again, at a new crossroad in her life. She cannot have it both ways; she must choose. After working at the Lone Star Office Supply to feed her children and put them through college, Joyce finds herself torn between two powerful forces that drive her; her job and her life at home. Making yet another change in her life when she does not want to will teach her just where her heart lies. While she wrestles with her choices, she watches helplessly as her son wrestles with a struggle all his own

Mark McIntosh is positive he has his future all figured out; he plans to work as a veterinarian in his hometown of Garland, Texas, with the young woman he loves at his side. Setting out to put these plans into motions, he learns things not taught in the classroom.

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