Sitting at her husband’s gravesite, Joyce McIntosh’s world has been turned upside down. Will she ever be able to make it on her own? Joyce must learn a new way of life; one she and her five children won’t find enjoyable.

Through the struggles of life, Joyce learns she must pull herself together and support her family. Trying to keep everything as normal as possible for the children, she learns the hard way that her church friends aren’t what they once appeared. Or was she looking at them through an easy life’s eye?

All at once he walks into her life; now she must figure out what to do with this man. Does she want to go down the path of romantic relationship again? Can her heart belong to another after more than twenty years of marriage? Can she bury one man after a lifetime of loving him, and then fall for another so soon? Or will she stay in her comfort zone just enjoying the solitude of being a single mom.

Joyce had always thought her faith in the Lord was strong, but through these trials she realizes she has much to learn about herself, and her God.

You will love this romantic story of loving, losing, heartbreak, and loving again.

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