Will love be enough for an uncertain future?

Maddie Abbott has dreamed of nothing other than being a schoolteacher since her childhood. The children adore her. She has proven capable of running her own classroom, but one person stands in her way of reaching her goal. She and her best friend, Meagan, are enjoying their freedom and living on their own in Middle Tennessee. Struggling to stay ahead of her expenses while trying to survive on a meager teacher's aide's salary, Maddie fights to keep that dream alive.

Just as things are getting easier for Maddie, her life gets turned upside down with new struggles. While one man wants to possess her, another wants to love and protect her. But will either of them believe her innocent of a crime that points to her and only her? From the beginning, she stole their hearts, and unless she can prove otherwise, she fears her friends and employer will always suspect she stole much more.

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